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Week 2 – Master Key Experience – STARTING OVER

So…I’m into the second week of the Master Key System course and I have had a major mindset shift.

I have been thinking with the wrong side of my brain! Not really, just not using my brain to its full potential. I need to learn to start thinking much differently than I have been thinking and re-training my subconscious mind.

After this week’s webinar on Sunday, I was a bit confused when it started and was wondering what in the world they were talking about and where they were going.

The more I started listening to the webinar and following the steps, I started to understand.

It felt like I was back in preschool…

“Write these words down with your non-dominant hand”, they told me.  I didn’t question it and just started doing the exercise.  It took me forever to write the words they told me to jot down, and my handwriting looked like my preschool caligraphy.

Then they had us write down a simple chore on a notecard, take a colored pencil and draw a rectangle next to it, and color it in with the colored pencil. I felt like I was in preschool all over again. They had me sign my name on it, like writing my name on a school paper. Then, repeat what I had written on the card, and say it 25 times with enthusiasm throughout the day…

After that, I thought about why they wanted me to do that, then it hit me…


I spent too long taking courses and skipped over the fundamentals wanting to just learn what I think I had to learn, but the fundamentals I thought I didn’t need to learn again.  The fundamentals are super important in anything you do. Take, for example, sports. The coach has you do basic drills over and over again. Why??? Because you have to have the fundamentals in place before you can move on and improve your skills.

I am a drummer, and the band teacher always had me work on my rudiments over and over before playing that next musical piece. You see, if you don’t have a good solid foundation and have your fundamentals down, you can’t master anything. So repeating what I had written on that card over and over again, it would train my brain to master that chore.

I have to change my mindset, yes, but in order to make sure my mind does not fall back into old habits and the old blueprint my subconscious mind has been taught, I have to take action and change it! I have to repeat things over and over and over with BELIEF and ENTHUSIASM. Otherwise, I will be stuck in my old ways of thinking.

This week was a good experience and had me motivated to continue through the course with optimism and eager to see what they will come out with next week.  Can’t wait for next week’s webinars HOMEWORK!

Do it now! Do it now! Do it Now!

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