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Week 3 – Master Key Experience – FOCUS






This week was a little bit tougher. I did manage to squeeze my chore in that I promised to complete by Sunday. I was rushing to squeeze it in before midnight.  The lessoned I learned from that is that I need to up my focus and start tasks earlier so I’m not procrastinating in getting things done. Then remain focus on that task until it is done, but in increments, so it’s not so daunting.

Many things came up and distractions were getting to me that I was putting off my “to-do” list. Yes, it was a busy week, but if I prioritized things and set time aside for each thing, I would eventually get it done without having to cram them in to meet the deadline.

Sticking to a schedule is hard for me, but as I enter into week 3, I am starting to get more focused on what I am working on and focusing on my schedule more. Instead of randomly picking a thing on my to-do list, I need to pick scheduled times to do each thing. For instance, work on one task from say 8-9 in the morning and then the next hour work on the next task.  No matter where I am at on the first task when the clock hits 9, I need to switch to the next task. This way, I don’t get overwhelmed and give one task more than the other. Everything will eventually get done without me having to stress at the last minute.

I do think that prioritizing my tasks is important, and finish the most important ones first, thereby maybe giving that task more time, say 2 hours, instead of 1 hour each day. As long as I remain focused, I will make progress. You see, it doesn’t matter what task it is you are doing, as long as you remain focused and keep trying or working on that task, success will come.

In the past, I would jump from one course to the next, not giving it enough time because I wasn’t getting results fast enough. NOT THIS TIME! I will take on the advice I was given a while back and FOLLOW ONE COURSE UNTIL SUCCESSFUL!



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